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Oct 132012

The Four Marks of the Church


From a friend who is a new Catholic convert:

1. The Church has Four Marks: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. (Nicene Creed)

2. Any true Church must have those four marks (true in the sense of fullness and authority).

3. All Non-Roman Catholic churches fail to have all four marks (though the failing comes in degrees, e.g., the Eastern Orthodox have valid sacraments, Protestants don’t).

4. The Roman Catholic Church has all four marks.

5. Therefore, the Roman Catholic Church alone has the status as the True Church.

This does require a definition of terms (for example, what is “one”, what is “apostolic”) and further clarification (for most Protestants) as to why the Nicene Creed and/or the ecumenical councils of the universal Church are authoritative.  

Oct 132012

Time Warner Cable Arena – Charlotte, NC


This is a photo of me standing in front of Time Warner Cable Arena in downtown Charlotte a couple of days before the DNC was to be held there. I was taking part in a pro-life prayer vigil.
At the prayer vigil we placed 3300 red carnations (representing the number of abortions that happen each day in the United States) along the sidewalk. It was great imagery and many people stopped to watch and asked questions about what we were doing and why. Overall, the response was favorable . . . except for the usual pro-abortion demonstrators who can’t stand it when people pray for an end to abortion.

The woman in the photo with me holding the “abortion on demand and without apology” (?!) sign has been on Fox News a few times. Her name is Sunsara Taylor and you can check out her blog: http://sunsara.blogspot.com. She is trying to “take patriarchy by storm”, which apparently involves an obnoxious disruption of a peaceful prayer vigil organized by two post-abortive women.

This camera shot was taken by our Catholic newspaper here in Charlotte, The Catholic News & Herald, which nicely contrasts the two positions on abortion in a single image. To view more photos of the event, click here.

Sep 022012

This blog will curate interesting content inspired by Saint Thomas Aquinas as part of the New Evangelization by the lay faithful. Students of St. Thomas are welcomed to contribute.


These are times when Christian philosophers are desperately needed to be involved with the culture and persuade it off the cliff, and for those on the cliff to turn back to a Christianity grounded in good philosophy. Philosophers are faith-pointers. As Pope Pius XIII says, “Philosophy, if rightly made use of by the wise, in a certain way tends to smooth and fortify the road to true faith, and to prepare the souls of its disciples for the fit reception of revelation.”

My aim with this blog is to lift the culture from its decent into the mire by appealing to what remains of the light of reason. Good thinkers are invited to submit articles on any topic, from theology and philosophy to politics and culture. If you’ve got something true, good, and beautiful to defend, please submit it.
You are invited to go after what needs to be gone after, and to say what needs to be said. This is no time for treading lightly and mincing words.

Since St. Thomas Aquinas is the recognized plumb-line of orthodoxy in Christian doctrine & philosophy, it is reasonably expected (though not required) that the grounds of argumentation will be distinctly Thomistic. All thoughtful, well-reasoned contributions will be published. If you would like to be a regular contributor, and I think your articles are fantastic, please send a short bio & you will be listed as such.

My goal is for Thomists to write on a variety of topics for the broader culture in service of the New Evangelization. Only well-reasoned and thoughtful commentary will be considered. Thank you for your interest!


I encourage spirited yet charitable discussion. All vicious, and/or stupid, and/or unhelpful comments will be promptly deleted, because none of these facilitate what I’m after here, which is fun reading and good, thoughtful content. (Unless, of course, the stupid and/or unhelpful comment perfectly illustrates a point being made).  I hope you enjoy!